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  • Behind-the-wheel driving instruction for teens and adults.
  • Online Drivers Education.


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P.O. Box, Modesto, Ca.
Phone: 209-485-3699
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Best Instructors

Our Instructors are put through a very extensive training course in rules of the road, laws of the road and safety. They are also required by my company to carry a current CPR and First Aid Certificate. Safety is first, always! I not only require them to go through extra training. I also like to personally make sure they are at the level of teaching they need to be to ensure all my students get the best and safest instruction. Before they are even considered for hire, they must complete all the training required by DMV and my company and also pass a behind- the-wheel driving skills test with my field manager to ensure they are practicing safe and current rules of the road. Once hired, as new laws come into place or rules of the road are changed, they are made aware of them immediately. They are also required to complete refresher courses through our company periodically.

We love what we do and each student is treated individually with care, compassion, understanding, and catered to their needs to become a safe driver.

Distraction can be a very dangerous thing while driving. Our instructors focus on keeping the student and themselves from becoming distracted drivers. It is a one on one instruction for that reason and our instructors are always alert and prepared to control the car at any time with our dual braking and accelerator controls.

We are highly trained in knowing how to help a student who may be very nervous and fearful of driving, become very calm and confident. We receive many referrals for that, and continue to strive to do our best and maintain a safe, courteous atmosphere in and outside of the vehicle. We look forward to taking your son or daughter or family member and shaping them into the safe driver you want them to be, with comfort in knowing they are in the best hands possible.

Melanie Bond-Owner Curbside Driving School


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