Services Offered

  • Behind-the-wheel driving instruction for teens and adults.
  • Online Drivers Education.


Denair, California 95316
P.O. Box, Modesto, Ca.
Phone: 209-485-3699
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Residential Courses

As we shape your son, or daughter, or family member into a safe driver. We will not only prepare them for the DMV drive test. We will include a lot of extra curriculum that may or may not be on the test. We feel very strong that as anyone learns to drive of any age, they should learn every aspect of reality driving. Or, anything they may or may not encounter on a daily basis while on the road behind the wheel of a vehicle.

The student passing the DMV test is very important to us, but it is how they will be driving after they pass is what is more important. We want to know they are not just going to be taught the required curriculum just to pass or skate by. We want to know they will be safe on the road anytime. That is why we take every student as an individual and cater to their needs and help them by showing them the correct way to be a safe and courteous driver.

Melanie Bond-Owner Curbside Driving School


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